CSGO Mobile APK v3.72 Download Latest Andriod

CSGO Mobile APK v3.72 Download Latest Andriod


If you’re a fan of shooting games, you probably already know about Counterstrike, a landmark game in shooting series for over 20 years. In 1997, Canadian programmer Gooseman created a mod for Quake called NAVY Seals.

After the completion of NAVY Seals, the mod version of Gooseman Quake 2 continued to evolve and is today considered the precursor to Counter-Strike.

About APK

In 1999, Gooseman and his teammates continued to develop a mod version of Half-Life, a well-known shooting game for Valve. This version quickly attracted many players thanks to its fast and attractive gameplay. Valve bought this version and invited Gooseman to work for his company.

CS versions were released shortly and ended with CS versions 1.0 (October 2000) and CS 1.6 (September 2003). So far, Counterstrike: Global Offensive CS is the most complete version of the game, and the graphics have been updated to the maximum. The competition offers many major tournaments with many professional teams.

Name CSGO Mobile APK
version v3.72
Dimension 1.5GB
Update 1 day ago
Necessary 5.0+


How to play CSGO Mobile on Android Phones?

There are some issues with porting a complex computer game like CS: GO on mobile and tablet versions. This game requires a lot of manipulation from the players. A small movement difference is enough to distinguish a good player from a normal player.

However, CSGO Mobile has done a great job at this. The game console is intuitive. If you have played other shooting games on your mobile, you can quickly master it. Virtual primary keys such as a joystick, reload, shoot, change weapons, aim (when using sniper rifles) are located on either side of the screen.

Features of CSGO Mobile APK

  • CSGO Mobile has 5 types of movements: jumping, sitting, walking, standing and walking. Walking slowly, especially, does not allow footsteps to be heard as you move.
  • Jumping not only helps you to overcome obstacles or jump to a better position to reach the goal, it also helps you to appear unexpectedly in front of the opponent.
  • But if you shoot while jumping (shotet), the shooting ability is not very good.
  • Some mods are available in CSGO Mobile
  • Currently, CSGO Mobile only has Bomb Defuse mod. If you’re a new shooter and don’t know the rules of the game, I’ll see ten players.

How Are CSGO Mobile Graphics Different From The Original Version?

If we look at it, we see that there is almost not a huge difference between CSGO Mobile and the original PC version.

Environments, people, weapons are designed with sharp and accurate 3D graphics using Unreal Engine technology.

Movement and viewing angle are quite smooth, which makes it easy to work on the screen of your mobile device. These factors greatly affect the quality of your shots, so the game always strives to be the best.

As with the PC version, CSGO Mobile requires your device to have a good graphics configuration to run this game properly.

Weapons and Equipment

The CSGO Mobile weapon system is the same as the original version. Discover popular CT party guns like M4A1, AWP, USP, FAMAS, P250, Desert Eagle and popular T-edge guns AK-47. You can also buy additional equipment such as armor, helmet, bomb speed equipment.