Download InstaPro APK v9.15 Latest Version 2022 (100% Working)

Download InstaPro APK v9.15 Latest Version 2022 (100% Working)


Let me introduce you to an app called InstaPro that lets you do just that, like taking screenshots of Instagram posts or downloading a simple Instagram video.

Tired of taking screenshots of Instagram posts? Then it can be very frustrating to cut those photos. Sometimes, if you just want to download a simple video from Instagram, you need to save the whole video and then send it to your friends, or find a third-party website that can help you do the basics but then show lots of ads. . sometimes they won’t let you download anything.

I did the same and was confident, it’s not funny. Downloading a simple video on many websites is just a waste of time. Sometimes these websites may not be safe because if they ask you for your Instagram information, your account may be blocked. Anything is possible with this InstaPro app.

What is InstaPro?

InstaPro is the original Instagram mod that allows users to download posts, stories, roles and IGTV videos to Instagram. If you want to download something from Instagram, you don’t need a third-party app for it.

Everything is possible in one app. There are many privacy-related features that can help you stay anonymous while browsing Instagram.

Name Download
version v9.15
Dimension 56.86MB
Update 1 day ago
Necessary 5.0+


Is InstaPro Safe?

I don’t know the correct answer to this question but most studies show that InstaPro is safe. I’m not sure if the app is safe, but it’s better than other websites.

You can copy someone’s bio by clicking on that bio or holding the comment, if you want to copy someone’s comment you will see the option to copy the comment. Easily download photos, videos, stories, roles and IGTV videos in one click with InstaPro.

Features of Insta Pro Apk

Insta Pro Apk provides most of the following amazing features to the users:

take screenshot

Insta Pro Apk helps users to take screenshots of an Instagram post they want to see again or send it to their friends and family to discuss everything on their minds.

Friendly User Interface

Insta Pro Apk provides a very beautiful user interface that makes it easy for users to navigate the application. The app is easy to use as it resembles the official Instagram platform.


Insta Pro Apk has a free version that allows users to use the services of the app without paying anything.

Download an Instagram video

Insta Pro Apk also allows users to download any Instagram video they want to add to their Android phone galleries.

no need to cut

Screenshots taken by the user with the application do not need to be updated. Insta Pro Apk allows users to easily share a screenshot as they wish without editing it.

Easy to Control

Insta Pro Apk has a very simple feature that allows users to use its services without any hassle.

Download Stories and IGTV Videos

The app allows users to download their favorite stories and igtv videos and then share them with friends and family without the need for any third party app.

Safe and Private

Insta Pro Apk keeps all users’ personal and private information safe and private. This helps the user to use this application safely.

Protect Your Internet Footprint

Insta Pro Apk also helps the user to hide their internet footprint by staying anonymous while browsing their Instagram account.

Copy the bios

Insta Pro Apk allows users to copy Bios from their friends and family while keeping this image.


Insta Pro Apk also provides users with various resources that they can use to customize the app and make the app more personal.

Insta Pro Apk allows users to view Instagram stories of other Instagram users without being notified.

Premium App

The Insta Pro Apk version of the app is a premium version because the user has to use the services after paying a small amount of money. But this app is worth the money as it offers many advanced features to the users.

View Everyone’s Profile Picture

View everyone’s profile picture by tapping that photo. Enjoy themes and do some basic customizations with this app.

Watch and view everyone’s Instagram story without them knowing. You don’t need to download a separate lock for this app as there is a built-in InstaPro lock option.

Hide Your Story Screen

With the help of this app, you can easily hide your story screen and typing status every time you write your message.

You will not see the ads and if you want to enable or hide the ads there is an option in the app to do so. If someone follows you, you will get a warning about it. Can you easily translate comments and messages? InstaPro has an option for that too.

Final decision

You don’t have to worry about image quality because this mod allows you to upload and view full quality photos. You can also download images in the highest quality. If you try to download photos, videos, or stories, you won’t see any watermarks on these InstaPro stories.

Also, you don’t have to worry about banning this app as it is completely safe. You also don’t need a rooted phone or Open Frame to use InstaPro.