Download Resso MOD APK v1.78.0 for Android (Premium Unlocked)

Download Resso MOD APK v1.78.0 for Android (Premium Unlocked)


Music is undoubtedly the most accessible form of entertainment for people to enjoy. Sing your favorite songs without a modern device or listen to an interesting song played in random stores. You can now connect your phone and activate the full music app on your Android devices to make your music experience more enjoyable.

However, along with the popular Spotify, Android users can work with Resso, a great app to play music to your liking. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of music with this amazing Moon Video app where you can play and enjoy high quality music on your mobile devices. Plug in a headset or listen to beautiful tunes through your dynamic stereo speakers. Resso’s wonderful music libraries will definitely make you think.

Find out more about this amazing Moon Video app with our in-depth review.

What does this do?

In Resso, Android users can enjoy a beautiful music player with thousands of trends and great songs. Access the free online library and enjoy music anytime and anywhere. Discover great music recommendations to suit your mood and preferences.

Have fun while working with a convenient and convenient playback interface with many useful options. Enjoy singing with lyrics synchronized to your song to make sure you don’t miss a beat. Turn off various settings and tweaks on certain tracks of your track to make playing the app more exciting.

Name Resso MOD APK
version v1.78.0
Dimension 75MB
Update 1 day ago
Necessary 5.0+



For those of you who are interested, you can get the free app from the Google Play Store and start using the many features available. But there are some ads and apps in the app that you need to unlock to enjoy the full experience.

And like many other Android apps, Resso requires users to grant certain access rights to their system. Therefore, the first time you log into the application, you must accept their request. It is also recommended that your device is using the latest firmware version, preferably Android 5.0 and above.

Cool Features of Resso MOD APK

Here are all the exciting features the app has to offer:

Enjoy Huge Online Music Library

For starters, Resso Android users can enjoy a huge online music library with thousands of officially licensed songs. Discover high-quality music tracks with stunning sound that will satisfy even the most discerning audiophile. And with constant updates, the app lets you enjoy the latest music experience.

Great Music Recommendations for Your Personal Experiences

Also, the app provides a multitude of personalized experiences for Android users to quickly submit their favorite songs to Resso. Choose free songs based on your current mood and search for keywords. Enjoy a variety of great music experiences on Resso and always have access to the trendiest songs on the charts. But most importantly, smart, personalized music experiences will surely surprise many of you.

Enjoy Smart Songs With Your Favorite Songs

In Resso, users have access to smart music lyrics with great settings and great synchronization to keep you entertained. Encourage yourself to sing your favorite songs and pause the lyrics each time you stop. Complete all tracks without adjusting playback options. And with quotes of lyrics available, you can easily share your songs on any social media platform that can be interesting visual experiences.

Create Your Favorite Playlists To Enjoy Every Time

To keep track of your favorite songs in Resso, you can easily create playlists for your different songs and organize them into organized categories. View them anytime and enjoy themed playlists for different music tours. Encourage yourself to enjoy beautiful music tracks in the app and have fun with Resso.

Interact with Resso Music Community

At the same time, Resso users can join the online music community and share their in-app experience with others. Start playing your favorite community playlists to enjoy music and playlists. Find other people’s online playlists and discover interesting musical tastes.

Feel free to share your thoughts on certain in-app music tracks or playlists that allow you to interact with other users. Show how you feel and discuss selected songs with other Resso users.

Download Songs for Offline Enjoyment

To make the app more accessible, Android users can enjoy offline listening experience with Resso. Encourage yourself to download lots of songs from your online library and enjoy Resso even when and without internet connection.

note – There are some songs that you cannot download.

Enjoy Exclusive Application On Our Website

And finally, if you do not want to pay real money to unlock a full-featured application, you can always choose the modified version of Resso on our website. Here you can connect the app to your Facebook account and enjoy the many features available.

At the same time, enjoy free ads removed from unlocked app, unlimited skipped songs and browse all the songs you can listen to in the unlocked library. Finally, we enable download for everyone.

Final decision

Resso is a simple but very enjoyable app that allows Android users to enjoy listening to their songs and playlists. Feel free to browse the beautiful, high-quality music tracks in the app that will definitely make you happy. And most importantly, you can always enjoy the full Resso application, both online and offline, as available on our website.